How do i remind him of this song?

Ok so me and my boyfriend were in the car and this song by Van Halen called "Eruption" comes on. His mom says "This is Taylor's song" I get so confused and say "Wait how?" Boyfriend says that every time he hears that song it reminds me of me or that he thinks of me whenever he hears that song. I didn't understand how...

Edit: The song was "You really got me" by Van Halen
*he said whenever he hears that song, it reminds him of me or that he thinks of me whenever he hears that song


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  • because of the lyrics, probably, and cause music has got this thing of setting people into moods and make them feel emotions. by the way, 'you really got me' has been originally written by the Kinks in 1964. Van Halen's one is a cover. just sayin', lol.


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