Guy started ignoring me - did I do something wrong?

I started seeing a guy I work with but we agreed to keep it under wraps so things weren't awkward at work.
We would never act together in public at work events. One night we were at a party for someone from works birthday and he came up to me and said I'm going to leave after this drink.
He was talking to other people and I was sitting at a table kind of waiting for him. He then finished his drink and walked out the door.
I was fairly drunk by that point so felt a little upset that he had just left. I went out the door after him and asked why he left me.
He said he thought I knew to follow him , as we had made eye contact. I said oh ok you still could have said something.
We still stayed together that night but he started to get grumpy with me. He brought up the topic again saying he thought we had an arrangement and did I expect him to be publicly affectionate with me.
I said no but he could have just said something about us leaving.
After that he was snappy in conversation and cold like wouldn't really cuddle with me etc.
I said maybe I should just go home and he just said fine but I didn't really have a way to get home so I just stayed.
Then in the morning he dropped me home and kind of went to kiss me goodbye but I just got straight out the car and he snapped goodbye at me.
Later on I started to regret getting upset and I tried to talk to him that night at another thing we were both at. He said we were fine but he just wanted to do his own thing that night.
The next day though I heard he had actually gone home with someone else. It's been a few days and he hasn't talked to me again and it sucks seeing him at work etc all the time.
He acts like he can't stand to even see me.
The thing is before this happened he made out like he actually liked me - he talked about how beautiful I am and how he had set out to get me from when we first met. Said he couldn't get enough of being with me etc.
I don't quite understand what changed so fast.


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  • Someone must have told him something about you that he doesn't like


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