Why is he ignoring me? Why wouldn't he just say he didn't want to talk to me anymore when I gave him the chance?

This guy and I got into a fight. We were just friends, but kind of "talking"... He would text me everyday. Anyways, I said some things I shouldn't have and apologized. He said we were good, but then I said "we're never going to be like how we were a month or so ago are we?" He didn't respond, so I texted him again and said "is that a no? Or do you need time to think and then I'll ask you in a couple weeks?" He didn't respond to that either. Why is he ignoring me? I don't understand why he won't just answer my question. If he's mad and doesn't want things to be like how they were, the why wouldn't he just say so when I asked?


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  • He's ignoring you because id imagine he's realised that you were "just friends" and can't be bothered wasting his time even with a simple "no".

    Some people prefer to avoid things rather than confront them.


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