Should I be expecting anything serious from him at the age of 22? (GUYS) please advise id LOVE feedback from you?

The guy I am talking about was a previous
Boyfriend of mine but we had our bumps and after 5 months broke up well we haven't really let eachother go and its been about a good year since weve been apart of each others lives. Well I get stuck sometimes because weve never officially gotten back together

We still cuddle up together say I love you send cute text messages go out to eat go grocery shopping together cook together all of that relationship stuff we do it but he doesn't want to put a title to us he says because he needs to take care of his business first before he gets involved again with me as my boyfriend that he's not ready to settle down so right now he just wants to take things slow

he's told me that he thinks we can become official again but that im always rushing him and that he's not ready to settle down he wants his freedom while he can I guess while he's still young. We do have a rule in place as far as exclusiveness goes which seems like a relationship to me! But he won't say were official

I realize where he's coming from and I realize that yes we are very young and should be enjoying freedom right now but at the same time its not freedom because were still tied to eachother so why not make us official?

Im only 21 though and him 22 so should I not be worrying about that right now, about a serious relationship? Should I just go with it and let what happens, happen? See where and if it goes somewhere?


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  • This hurts me cause a girl did this to me. Hun if you're in love you're no really " enjoying freedom", are you? Why not put a label on it? If I knew I loved this girl I would put any label on it there is. This is like in the rom coms when two people who are clearly meant for each screw it up and you just wanna scream at them or hurt them ;)

    You should think about what you truly want out of this and then tell him and ask him what he wants. Otherwise I think you're gonna get hurt and maybe strung along.

    • I know I try talking to him all the time about it and he just gives me the same answer! I told him you know if you like me then whats stopping you he also says he doesn't know if its going to go anywhere which I said if you dont know then obviously something about me is keeping you from knowing

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    • Do whatever feels right. This is so mind boggling to me. It's like gf: "babe can you please drive to work in this Ferrari I won?" Bf " no babe stop pressuring me I love my Prius!" Babe you're the ferrari here. A gal wanting a relationship with a guy she loves should be no pressure for him. I dance I room like a crazy idiot when my gal agreed to go out with me first.

    • I know you're so right im not stupid I know something isn't right about the situation but I purposely closed my eyes and ignored every red flag :( I really appreciate you taking time to help me and your girl is sooo lucky I wish you two the best there is! :)

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  • He is having a hard time finding something else, and wants you back... No offense kinda young to be talking about seriousness, unless you wanna get married... If thats the case, go find something around 29-35 with a job and money... You will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

    • Thats what I was thinking because I want him in my future...i do but I also know that I am quite young to be planning or wanting something serious when its only been a yr and you're saying like he can't find anyone else so he's just sticking around til then?

    • If he wants you, he would say it.. if he doesn't want a label, means he wants freedom to do what he wants with no guilt or negative risks... AKA i want to mess around with anyone at any time... basically yea, he can't find anything to eff, or at least commitment free effing...So your if you stay with him, your just accepting that... and if you "move on" before he does, it will just go south for you and him forever...

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  • its all up to you..age doesn't have to do anything to do with seriousness in a all depends on the individual

  • Yeah just go with the flow.. if He has a hot brother~ Fck em'!! ;).. if he has a hot cousin, fck him too.. just go with the flow and be young and free and all that jazz... just don't commit ever and go with whoever makes your panties wet.. that's all you can do in 2014!

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