Should I ask HIM out? he also has a long distance GF..?

I met this guy last Monday at a coffee shop when we were both studying. I asked him to watch my stuff, and when I was back I thanked him and we just started talking. Before I was about to leave, I asked him if he wanted my number so we could study together in the future. Yes, he texted me the next day asking me to study together. And yes again the following day.
I really enjoyed our conversation, so did he. We always thought about things the same way. He has talked about me to his roommate, according to him.
I really like this guy.But its weird because i only met him a couple of days ago!
Then at night I Facebook searched him, and it turned out that he has a girlfriend!!! Its a long distance relationship.. and she is in college too. So i brought it up last night when we were studying, asking him how is he and his gf. He said this year has been really tough because the distance, and he also said he felt he has been a totally different person, becoming more selfish. We are both staying here in the same city over the summer, and he always mentioned "You should help me with my project in the summer" or "we are going to run together this summer", etc.
I didn't see him today but he sent me a Facebook request.

Do you think he would like if i ask him out? Should I wait and ask him? What should I do? Guys, help me!!!


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  • If he is currently in a relationship (which he IS), then you should only be platonic friends with him. Otherwise, you would be participating on morally disgusting behavior aka helping him CHEAT.


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  • Well it looks like his current relationship might fail soon, but that's a gamble at best. Stick by him as a friend, since long-distance relationships--as weak as they may be--are still considered relationships (Some people do pretty well like this)

    Now, I'm not saying you should hope that he breaks up with who ever it is he's dating online, but for a lot of people, these relationships just don't work out for long.


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  • HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. don't meddle.. How would you like someone to do that if you were in her position? Besides, if he drops her easy, how do you know he won't drop you like that?

  • What if you were the long distance gf? How would u feel? The guy is already in a relationship.

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