Girls and guys Am I going to fast?

Hi all. I'm 18 years old (virgin) and my boyfriend is 17 (non-virgIn) I've been dating this guy for about 3 weeks and have known him for about 2 months. I want to invite him over my place to watch a movie and hang out. My mom thinks he will try to have sex with me and where does she get her advice from? My 14 year old brothers who have never dated anyone. She thinks I'm to naive but it's not my first time saying no to another guy I dated for 2 months and he slept with someone else. She also thinks I'm going to fast because I asked him out before to the movies and he canceled (said he was sick) and we saw him @ the store a couple days later.

I really like this guy and I invited him over because I know he doesn't have a job and money to spend. I wanted to present another option to spending time with each other. Am I moving to fast? I don't want to have a sex with him. I at least wanted him to meet my family.


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  • I don't understand the question. how is inviting a guy over to watch a movie going too fast? esp after 3 weeks? you can't go out all the time. if you need to save money then hanging out watching TV and movies is a great way to spend time together. Guys, especially teen guys, will always want to have sex. That doesn't mean you are going to do it. So I am surprised you haven't had him over already.

    • My mom thinks it's to soon to invite him over

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  • Since he'll be coming over to your house why is your mom so concerned he'll try to have sex with you? Especially when he's going to be meeting your parents and so presumably they'll be in the house at the same time. It would take a really bold guy to try to bang a girl in her house while her parents were home.

  • First, he probably will try to have sex with you if he thinks you'll be into it.
    Second, your brothers know guy behavior better than you whether or not they're dating.
    Third, if he likes you and you like him, fast or slow doesn't matter all that much.
    Last, if you're going faster than him and he scampers, your Mom will be all I told you so forever.

    Good luck! Stay safe and have fun.

  • Firstly: he's going to try to have sex with you.

    He's your boyfriend, having him over for a movie is pretty normal... That's not moving too fast

  • Yes, get a real guy who can least afford
    to pay for you to see a movie, go out to
    dinner if not than just go on picnic
    you two with talking , yes for now your
    going way too fast calm down sweetie

    • Well in that case I hope he cancels again...

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    • Ladies before gentlemen
      go by the book little boy

    • They are young teens. not all guys have jobs at that age. My son has been looking for a job for a long time now and still hasnt' found one. you have to take age into it.

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  • Considering he isn't a virgin he may get the wrong idea and think you want to sleep with him of you invite him over to watch a "movie" it's kind of code for sex

    • Well if he comes he'll be surprised because we are really watching a movie lol

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