Do you think this girl likes me?

Like this girl doesn't mind when i touch her or put my arm around her. She doesn't move it away or anything. She does look at me when we talk and laugh and smile too. I'm pretty sure she really enjoys my company, she listens to what i have to say and never interrupts.

She doesn't like touch flirt with me at all.. & i don't know if her pupil dilates, haven't really bothered noticing. she does complement me on how smart i am, she says she's not very smart when she is actually really smart. She has PLAYFULLY teased me a bit too (smiled and called me silly, and a dork) after i did something stupid.

Anyway her classes are also suddenly the same as some of mine, they were different before, like when we first met. She does act like she doesn't see me in the class though, unless i say hi to her. then we both sit next to eachother lol. (weird?)

So i asked her to an early dinner/snack yesterday (which was her idea) and she said yes, we're going on Sunday night (bad day i know lol).

So does it sound like she likes me? or that she just feels comfortable around me as a friend and only sees me as a friend?


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  • This is a really mixed signed situation. She can either think that you guys are really good friends, or that you both like each other... when you told her about Sunday night, did you specify it as a date?

    • not that i know of... i just asked her if she was free and she said yeah, so i asked her if she'd want to take up her offer for dinner. she said she'd love to, she wanted to dress up a bit and wear heels and stuff, so i guess it's not like we're gunna be eating in trackies

    • Well, she's definitely giving you a chance to get her, so go for it! If she really meant getting all dressed up and all, that wouldn't be for a simple hang out with a friend. Be yourself and act around her like you always do, maybe throw out a few compliments and good luck on your date!!

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  • I think that she likes you. Maybe she thinks she actually is flirting, but you just don't notice it :) Some girls are really subtle at flirting, others more aggressive. Just wait and see how things go on Sunday.


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  • Examples 1, 2, and 3 are completely meaningless but she's willing to give you a try anyway though this will end very well in the land of the FZ.

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