Nearly 22 and never had a boyfriend...?

So I'm turning 22 in July this year, and I'm yet to have my first boyfriend. Yeah, I've kissed guys before and been out on a couple of dates, but never had an actual boyfriend.
It never used to really bother me much, but now that I'm approaching my 22nd birthday, it's beginning to eat away at me. I know people say good things will come eventually, but it's just so hard to believe sometimes. It's really starting to hurt me, cause I'm thinking that it will never happen.
I'm worried that guys will think I'm weird for never having had anyone. My friend tells me that it's not weird at all, but I struggle to believe her. I'm somewhat embarrassed about it, and don't like telling many people about it at all.
I'm the only single one in my group of friends, so that kills me a little bit. Even though I'm happy for them, I hate seeing them get all lovey dovey cause it makes me feel so alone.
So I'm trying to figure out why I haven't had a boyfriend yet. I'm honestly thinking now it's because of what I look like. I'm an Aussie size 12 and a 12D, so I'm not huge by any means, but I do think that I am fat and ugly, even though my friends and mum tell me that I'm not.
What do people think? Please don't tell me to 'be positive' cause that really doesn't help sometimes...


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  • I read the title. You're going to die alone! Oh no!

  • i'm older than you and I've never had a girlfriend


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