Girl texted and forgot about date tonight, what do i do?

So i met a girl at the gym a few days ago.. long story short - i gave her my numeber and we are suppose to go out tonight.

she had her prom last night.

i texted her this morning "Hey __! are we still on for tonight?"

she said "hey I don't know i totally forgot that i had my cousins party today, but if i dont get back too late we can still hangout i'll just let you know but if not toniht maybe next weekend if thats good for you"

i said to her "Okay! that sounds good" What time do you think you will be home tonight?"

she said: " I don't know yet but i'll let you know i feel so bad but i totally forgot ='( "

Am I suppose to say "It's okay, let me know please when you get home?

What should i do here?, she seems like she wants to hangout but im not sure what to do in this situation. and i want to go out tonight with her because i think we'll have a good time.


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  • She's kind of blowing you off for today. You don't want to say "let me know please when you get home" it comes off as kind of desperate.

    Had you tried to talk to her at all in between when you met and today?

    • Yeah we were texting for a long time, i met her Thursday night and she texted me a couple hours later. we spoke for 4 - 5 hours that night, and yesterday we were texting all day until she had prom and then she didn't text me until this mornign when i texted her and said " Hey __! are we still on for tonight?"

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    • She feels sorry? OK most kind people would feel sorry for ditching a date at the last moment...

    • I'm going to text her saying "Have a good time!" and leave it at that

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  • She didn't forget about the date, forgot about the party.
    Either way, yesterday night was her prom, today's the cousin's party... Isn't it better to hold your horses and just go out during a more relaxing time like next weekend like she suggested?
    You're too excited about this and she's too busy now.


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  • Wait until she gives you specific time or date... if she doesn't assume she isn't interested and move on!

    • But should i reply back to her : "its okay, but can you let me know please when you have an idea of what time you'll be back" or what? she put a sad crying face at the end of the last text, it really seems like she feels bad about not being able to make tonight.

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    • She just texted me again after i said "its okay" and she put another sad crying disappointed face

    • Leave it at that... send her another text and you'll blow any chance you have.