I still really like my ex but all he wants to do is mess around and play games :( Help?

Me and my ex dated for around 5 months, he didn't treat me right (would always stand me up and ignore me) Anyway, when we broke up we tried to fix things but he ultimately decided he didn't want a relationship so I accepted it.. the twist is that we work together - we used to talk a lot at work but ever since these two occasions i dont want to speak to him;
1) He put up a photo of some girl then told me its just a friend
2) He rented a penthouse so him and his mates could meet loads of girls and presumably.. *cough* - he openly told me this, I didn't have to ask he just forced this info on me after asking me how I was. I just said I hope you have fun and left :)

When I am around him, I act like my usual happy self - like what he does doesn't bother me. But the thing is, when we're at work - ever since these two occasions, he does everything possible to avoid me? He stays purposely in the kitchen and boasts to the other team how he doesn't want to 'talk to people' when im there? If he's so happy and going on with other girls why is he avoiding me? I dont give the impression I care about him acting like that.. I just act like myself. He doesn't speak to me outside of work at all. But I dont know? Do you think he still likes me ( I dont want to get back with him though - I won't be with someone who messes around) I just wonder..

Thank you x


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  • It doesn't matter why he's avoiding you. The two of you are broken up. He said he doesn't want to be in a relationship and you claim you don't want to be with him now, so there is no point in stressing about this.


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  • Why don't you just move on from him?

    • I am trying to, I just wondered why he would act like that..

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