Is there a way to tactfully tell a guy you still care about him if you weren't the one he chose?

I briefly dated a guy that lived in a different state, and things started out well. I met him when he was out on business--then I went out to visit him. We kept in touch on the phone, email and text.

He recently broke it off with me saying that he ran into his ex gf and they are going to try again. He also mentioned that the distance was hard.

I wished him luck and let him know to keep in touch every so often. I haven't heard anything yet (not that I expected to).

That was a little over a month ago. I still think about him because I think I realized how much I do care for him.

Is there a way that I can email him and just let him know how much I care about him? If he's happy with his ex, I'm not trying to break that up or expect him to get back together with me. I'd just like him to know that I do care about him. I'd also like him to know that if things don't work out with his ex, I'd love to be friends and maybe continue getting to know each other (not in those words).

Is there a way I can say this to him while 1. still maintaining my pride, 2. not implying that I think I'm better than his ex, and 3. not sounding pathetic? While I'm doing my best to move on and am dating other guys, I just feel there was a strong connection. I feel like there was a reason we met and that connection (even if not romantic) shouldn't just be let go.


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  • I'm sorry but there is no allowance for keeping your pride whilst in love. I remember a quote from a move called A Lot Like Love 'If you're not willing to sound stupid, then you don't deserve to be in love'. It's true, and sometimes you just have to go for it, your pride will at some point come back to you. Good luck to you!


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