Chemisty? Is it a big deal for you if you dont feel the chemisty in kissing!?

Just curious is it a deal breaker if the way the other person kisses doesn't mesh well with you. Would it be a turn off? Even if the person a great person and you really like them for them.
Or not at all and you see it as a minor thing that you can always pactice?


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  • Kissing is believed to have come about as a way for us to test our comparability. No matter the experience level of the kissers, you still can have an amazing kiss if there is the right chemistry. Science is interesting isn't it?

    • Yes it is
      Everyone kisses diff. But even with one that seems more clumsy And yet diff. It not so bad either.

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    • Your right. Thank goodness it not dancing thi the poor guy feet would hurt by me stepping on them lol.
      Thank you.

    • Hahaha!!! Well no worries, just follow his lead and make sure to keep your jaw loose so that the kiss is softer and makes it easier for you to be able to mimic what he's doing.

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  • It normally is a deal breaker for me and Yes it's a turn-off because I Love Kissing, But I met a cool guy and the first few times kissing was not good for me. He was the worst kisser I had experienced. It got a little better, I guess because I liked him more and took the lead. I think practice can help some people.

    • I was hoping that be the case. Because you like them even if it not the best it still worth it.

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