Guys: Your perspective on texting?

I like a guy but I'm aiming to be friends first so no flirting. We used to text all the time but then he stopped replying one day.

He just texted me first today.

I don't want to annoy him. He has this habit though whenever i say bye he makes a new topic so i feel obligated to text back later in the day.

He always replies back with positive responses.

I don't see him that much in real life at school though. So i'm not sure if it'd be okay to keep texting.

I'm wondering what is your perspective on texting. I don't want to annoy him.


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  • I'm thinking he likes you. He likes the attention he gets from texting you, and that's why he makes such an effort to extend the conversations.

    You will not annoy him by texting him. I promise you this.

    • Thanks thats given me confidence in texting him back. I don't know why he stopped before but I think it's because we didn't talk much IRL but now we talk more than before. Thanks :D I'll try not to bother him with too many texts though.

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  • I hate always having to initiate EVERYTHING over texting. Lets put it this way if there where two girls I was texting: one initiated 50/50 or I had to initiate 100 of the time I would be texting the 50-50 girl more often. That's just me though.

    • Good to hear :) But if I were to text a guy how can I not annoy him? I don't want to text him too much but not too little.

    • Don't worry about that, as long as you aren't doing it constantly then it he should be ok. If he REALLY likes you then he won't be annoyed.

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