Girls is a guy with no friends a deal breaker?

So I'm a guy who has never dated so I'm not sure about it all.

I'm wondering if a girl realized that I have no friends she might not be interested in me anymore.

It started in HS where I was bullied for being tall (6'5 so no freak show, but I hat that height basically at 14) so I only have one real friend from there and he studies somewhere else.

I'm not the party type so I don't care for drinking buddies so all the uni friends are more like colleagues. I'm a nice guy though, in my opinion, and people I come in contact with usually like me.

Thanks ladies for your input!


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  • The number of friends someone has does not mean a thing. What truly matters is their personality. Who are they as a person and their values. The fact that you are not a party type also is something I see as a positive, since I'm the same way. Just be your self and the right girl will surly notice the nice guy you are.

    • Thanks! I always got the impression girls judged me for not being popular and having more friends.

    • You're welcome :) If a girl is judging you on that then she definitely is not worth your time. I'm the same, I'm not popular and only got a handful of friends. I'm happy though, I rather have quality over quantiy when it comes to friends.

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  • No not a deal breaker at ALL.

  • Not a deal breaker for me. I judge a person on who they are, not how many friends they do or don't have. I am gifted with the ability to "know" a person and who they are (entirely) with very little effort so I will size him or her up based on who they are as an soul/individual. Be who you are and don't apologize.

    • Thanks for your answer! I guess there is some hope left for me :)

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