Does speed dating work? Girls, would you be open to the idea of dating someone you meet there?

Anybody have any good experience with speed dating? Seems like girls aren't open to it at the events.


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  • my friend and i did speed dating for fun once.
    I didn't meet anyone interesting there. Lots of weird guys haha.
    And it usually loud because tons of people are trying to talk over each other so I was asking "what?" for most of the conversation lol

    • did you go with a open mind that you are really trying to talk to the guy? or have you and your friend come to conclusion that the guys are weird just looking at them?

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    • what if there were someone you were interested in aside from the weirdos, would you go on a REAL date with him?

    • Yeah if he wasn't weird, of course I would go out with him.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Yes definitely but I'd need to have the confidence to go in the first place haha

    Please answer mine?

  • Have you tried tinder?

    • you have personal experience on that?

    • No, but my friends have and it really works. Basically it connects you to friends of friends. Not random strangers from Texas or some weird state

What Guys Said 2

  • Speeding = a wreck, always

  • It can get you a date but It can't be real, what can you learn from someone in 60 sec LMAO"

    • I mean how about a second date

    • I never have done speed dating if you got a second date out 0of it good deal.

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