Should I message him back or not?

I met this guy last August on an online dating site, he is from the UK and I'm from the US. We decided to talk via Skype and messages for about a month and then all of a sudden he said he had a family emergency. I ended up quitting the site and decided to date other people that were actually near me. However, while dating other people that boy seemed to be on my mind even to this day. Well, I decided to give the site another chance about a month ago. After 8 months of him being in my head, I decided to message him. I didn't hear anything from him until today. Here's what he said "Welcome back Auston, and yes I am of course ;) Congratulations on graduating by the way!"

Honestly, I hate how much I still like him. I'm not even sure if I should reply to the message or not. I guess I'm scared to get my heart broken again. If I did message him I'm thinking of saying Thank you and that is all. Any thoughts on the situation would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Try to get in contact with him!


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  • I dont think long distance relationship can work, but if you just want someone to talk to go ahead and contact him