Is it bad I text other guys instead of my boyfriend?

Sometimes my boyfriend gets super clingy and texts me all the time so I tell him i'm gonna take a shower or a nap or something just so I don't talk to him because it gets super annoying. But I mean sometimes other guys text me when im "napping" and so I text them. Is that bad? (By the way its not a too serious of a relationship. Just like 2-3 weeks.)


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  • Yes , your young that's why your doing this
    your not ready for a boyfriend just be friends
    with guys

  • Your boyfriend sounds annoying.

    How would you feel if your boyfriend was texting other girls?

    • He's not legit annoying. He's actually really sweet but he has his moments where he just gets super clingy. I literately told him 2 hours ago that I would text him later tonight because I had a lot of stuff to do and he texted me. I mean it's sweet, but sometimes I just dont like it lol

    • And I dont flirt with the other guys, but he has this "friend" and he always talks to her in the hallway AND she's on his snapchat Best Friends list..

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