Should I break up with him?!

My Boyfriend and I have been dating since sometime before may and he doesn't treat me well he doesn't introduce me to anyone and once told me not to introduce myself to anyone, never wants to go anywhere with me any more.

But we have never go into a fight
the reason why I didn't say any thing in the first place is because I'm very shy


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  • Instead of asking the internet, or acting extreme questions like straight up ending it, why don't you talk to your boyfriend about it? Why don't you say "Hey, xxxxx, we've been together now for over two months. You never really introduce me to your friends and even told me that you do not want me introducing myself to anyone. Why is that? That kind of hurts my feelings."

    See what he says. If he gives you some bogus answer, then he's probably got a bunch of girls and he's playing you. Dump him. If he says "I wasn't ready for that level of commitment and I'm still not", well then you have your answer.

    Two tips for growing up.

    1) Communicate. Talk about things with people, face to face, not through text or IMs.

    2) Don't ask the internet for super serious advice. Ask your friends, your older sisters and brothers, your parents.

    Good luck.

    • This guy did not need to be so rude, but ultimately is right, he seems like he has things hidden and you should just end things.

    • I'm not being rude. The girl isn't even 18 yet. She is still, in fact, growing up. So I gave her some tips to help her along her way. There's nothing rude about that at all.

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  • You're shy and that's why he's doing it. Some men will only do what you let them get away with. He's treating you like crap and keeping you as some dirty little secret, and won't introduce you to any friends and has told you not to introduce yourself to anyone.. You need to confront him and talk to him about it Ask him what the deal is and why he feels the way he does. If he gives you an answer that you don't like and things don't change then break up with him. You need to get a backbone and stand up for yourself. You also say that you've never gotten into a fight. No sh*t. You guys haven't fought because he does something to be a jerk and you don't do anything about it. You have to do what's best for you.

  • well if you want my advice I think you should tell him how you feel and I think you should break up with him because he's not going to change and if so it takes years for a person to change completely and I don't think you want to wait that long for him to treat you the way you should be treated

  • I Think if he treats you that way then ask him why. then if you are not happy with your relationship then break it off.

  • Maybe he's embarresed of you?

    • Then y doesn't he break up with me or invite me to go places with him ?

    • It could be he likes you, but he doesn't want anyone to know.