She hasn't asked any specific questions about me?

This is all through eharmony. This attractive girl and I went through all the intro question stuff (like where you ask prewritten questions and stuff). So we make it to the stage where we get to email each other. I start off by messaging her asking her questions and telling a little about myself as well. She writes back with a message just as big as the one I sent.
The only question she asks me is at the end which is "tell me about yourself".
I'm a little confused. I have a profile that tells about myself. I was telling her about myself in the message I sent her. How am I supposed to respond to this? Should I just repeat myself?
I sort of get the feeling that since she is attractive and probably has so many potential mates she's just not trying?


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  • I agree this is a bit odd. Maybe she is having difficulty in comprehending. You didn't say whether or not she was American, so I am assuming so? Thought there may be a language barrier.
    Answer back with with, "Like I was saying about myself..."And continue from there. Add a few new things to your lines, and see what her answer is. If she is having a problem Again, then go ahead and 'Assume' yourself that she has some learning disability.
    No, may not be so much 'trying' to 'Not Try,' may be just 'Trying' to understand. Feel her out.
    Oh, BTW, was just thinking..Perhaps she meant to say "Tell me MORE about yourself." She may have forgotten this One important word. Could be that as well.
    Good luck.xx


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