If you started dating an ex who was your "one that got away", would you still text a good female friend daily?

ATTENTION MEN!!! I need a man's opinion preferably.?
If you started dating an ex who was your "one that got away", would you still text a good female friend daily, "good morning"? etc. Also, would you attend functions with this female friend? Such as, be their date to a wedding, take them somewhere for their birthday, play the boyfriend role in situations to make others jealous? For example, he said "I'd play that role like it was my job. We'd hold hands and kiss." I'm just curious as to how men's brains operate? Lol is this ok to do if you just got back your "one that got away"? Because this guy claims that he has no feelings for me but he does all of these things with me. I even told him for his birthday next weekend to go to this function with his girlfriend, or at least ask her if she wanted to go. He said no, this was our plans and I want to go with you... Any advice is appreciated :)

Also, he asked me one afternoon what I was doing that night. I said I have to go to a wedding. He was upset that I didn't ask him to be my date! Just another tidbit. Lol
How can I end this? He's my best friend. :/


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  • Guy sounds like a douche. Either you are completely platonic to him and he's just mistreating/abusing his girlfriends trust OR he is crushing on you big time and is hiding his affections for you because he's too big of a pussy to tell you the truth, ALSO still mistreating/abusing his girlfriends trust.


    • His girlfriend knows about me. She's met me! She says it doesn't bother her because she knows we are just friends.

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    • No. If you have it all wrong then so would the rest of mankind.

      His behavior is irrational... it's just too much. It's no wonder you're all confused, really.

    • It's like the guy has no boundaries. He's socially awkward.

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  • this is a really messed up situation. I feel sorry for his girlfriend that he's supposedly in a relationship with. What he's doing is very disrespectful to her.

  • He could be into you more than his girlfriend.

    He also could just be using you to make his girlfriend jealous.

  • Nah - I'd have more respect for my current than to spend time with another who I'd professed to be interested in. Once you get in a relationship you need to play by the rules, and going out with another girl isn't cool...
    ... do you have an older brother? sounds like he need him to have a chat with the fool.

    • No older brother. Lol but I agree. Someone needs to set boundaries and as much as I enjoy him and his attention (because I have feelings for him) I guess I have to draw the line.

  • Sounds like he is in love with you

  • Nope. I'm a on woman man.


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