Guys, if your best friend wanted to date your ex that you ended things with, would you give him the go ahead? See more details below.?

I dated this guy Rick in college (college was 5 years ago) for 4 months and we got along great. Rick is bipolar therefore he has trouble holding any relationship. He abruptly broke up with me and crushed me in the process. Rick also went back to an ex to top things off.

I moved on and dated others after him. A year or so later a mutual friend set me up with Adam who happens to be Rick's best friend. Adam and I got along great but Adam did not want a serious girlfriend in college so we kept as friends over the past 4 years.

I had been in a serious relationship that ended in September because I wasn't happy. I dated Brett for 4 years. Around October Rick got back in contact with me. I truly believe he ended up being my rebound. We messed around and hooked up but he told me that I needed to be single for awhile etc. So he made the decision to end things again. The last time I was around him was New Years.

Randomly, Adam started talking to me again in about February. On a friend level making sure I was ok then it has gotten more serious as the months have gone on. In March we took it past friends and kissed. Lately, we have been going on dates and cuddling etc. So far he has been keeping it quiet from Rick because he wanted to give it some more time. This past weekend Adam was a date to a wedding with me that I was in.

He says he is waiting for the right time to tell Rick that we have been hanging out. He plans to do it soon. Guys, if you were in Rick's shoes and your buddy Adam is happy talking to this girl (me) how would you react?

How should I proceed with it?

Disclaimer - I have been with a total of 5 guys in my life. Before you go judging me on this. It wasn't like I had planned for this to happen either time.

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  • No, and i would be offended that you were thinking about it


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  • Without reading the whole essay, the answer to your question is yes.

    • Ok appreciate your answer. But isn't there some sort of bro code? Or doesn't it apply when he ended it with me?

    • It is kinda a brocode thing about it, but a lot of guys don't care like me, but also a lot of guys do care. To say it like this, I wouldn't have dated my best friends ex myself, but I wouldn't care if my best friend would date my ex.

      A lot of guys is like I am when it comes to this, but a lot of guys would also be butthurt

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  • Its been four years :|