Guys & Girls; what is one thing you'd like the opposite sex to know?

What are the things that the opposite sex thinks you care about that you really couldn't care less about.
eg, girls think guys notice their shoes. etc.


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  • At this point in my life the biggest thing I can offer you is my heart. I hope that will always be true but the way my bank account is set up...haha Seriously though, a girl that can go through the struggle with me, I will more than gladly shower with more than love once WE'VE made it. A relationship is not all about the material. It's not even mostly about the material. The lack of my tangibles should not define me. I wish more girls knew that.

    • I like your answer. :)

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    • That it's not all about the bank account. lol.

    • Really? Haha We think similarly, how cool. ^_^ some Guys actually are with girls because of money?

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  • If you're better than me at a lot of things, I'll still love the girl. I'm working my butt off to be with someone out of my league. That's how I find life interesting when I begin chasing.

    • I've known a few guys who absolutely need to be top dog in the relationship and absolutely cannot have a woman who he deems 'more successful' than him. This isn't the case for you?

  • We can't read your minds.

  • My mustache is real, lol.


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