How do I get a second chance with a guy I have already dated?

So at the end of last year I dated this guy as we had a amazing chemistry. Unfortunately things became awkward so we stopped seeing each other because of the way I acted…long story but once I explained to him he was very understanding.

I now see him weekly at work and my crush is only getting stronger. It is less awkward at the moment and he seems keen to chat because previously when we were at the awkward stage I could tell he didn't want to talk.

I really want to go on a few more dates with him as the previous ones have been fantastic!! What should I do?

I know it seems like I should move on but I seriously can't. I have tried everything and I know that we could be great together.


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  • Go up to him in private and say Hey You. I was all awkward before but I'm over that. I want another chance. What do you say?

  • Looks like you need to forget about it and move on. If he wants you, he will make a move.


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