Do guys ever joke about a girl finding another guy just to see how the girl would react? Or was he giving me a hint?

I've been hanging out/seeing this guy since mid February. Things have been more serious lately. We now talk on the phone for an hour or so each night.

Adam and I had a great weekend together. He was my date to a wedding and was very affectionate with me in front of everyone. Holding my hand, kissing my forehead and just being around me in general.

Last night we were talking on the phone like we normally do and I was asking him to come hang out with me tonight after work. He has the day off of work and I drove to see him this past weekend. He said he wasn't sure if he would be able to see me tonight because he has other errands to do. I was giving him crap in a joking way about it saying I see how important I am etc. He then goes well I'm sure there is some other nice guy in your city that would want to come hang out with you. I said well duh if I tried I would have a line outside my door just being dumb saying that.

Why would he even mention finding another guy? Our conversation continued to flow as usual talking about our day etc. Guys, was he testing me?


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  • I would say this when her demands just get to be too high or I would have to flips in order to fulfill them.

    You mentioned different towns = a time/stress factor in being together
    also mentioned wedding party = cut into his time/obligations, now he has to catch up (like we all do after vacations)
    also how affectionate he was = he'd love to be that again but just can't Right Now = frustration

    Other versions of this:
    wish you had a gay guy friend to go-with on all that shopping instead of me

    No test - he's swamped and wants you happy but frustrated he can't two places same time

    • So you don't think his comment was in a bad way but just him being frustrated about not being able to come here?

    • yes
      remember how he jumped through hoops going to a wedding already and now another thing to do for you when the 1st favor makes him tardy in his life? He loves to do these things for you but can't drown under his own life's demands.

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  • Could of just been playing or could of been testing you.. There was this girl in my chemistry class and she was playing hard to get, but we talked and say next to eachother all the time but she never said "yes" to a date and one day to test her and i said "doesnt Kate look nice today" in a casual way. Next day she must of grabbed my arm and hands like 6 times to show "how cold my hands are!" So yeah guys do test girls sometimes so that could be


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