Kissed a girl but on the date she acted physically distant?

I met this girl during a group trip in the weekend and we finally kissed on the last night during the party.

So we messaged back and forth a bit since then. This afternoon we had a date.
But whenever I put my arm around her she didn't mirror it by putting her arm around me.

She was asking lots of questions about me though. And spontaneously said "I will pay for the icecream" when I was about to.

When we said goodbye we didn't even hug. Because I just felt like she would probably not want to, considering the rest of the date.

No hope on a second date right?

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  • Just ask her out again and stop being so insecure! You probably were being awkward and nervous, girls can pick up on that! Just be yourself and if she doesn't like that, then forget her! She wasn't worth your time anyways if that's the case! Good luck!

    • Yea you are probably right. Nice positive advice allround, thanks.

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  • Ask her out again and be laid back and normal. Get to know her

  • She's not attracted to you

    • You are telling me a girl flirts with me for the entire weekend and then kisses me twice is not attracted to me?

      I do believe she wasn't really attracted to me during the date though.

    • Maybe she'd had a bad day or you were acting strange

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