How to face the prospect of no prospects?

Hi everyone, basically I've been single for 10 months and I'm struggling to find dates.
I've tried online dating, asking out and flirting in person but I'm having no luck. I have a good social life, kickboxing, gym etc but I just don't seem to be meeting a lot of girls or girls I'm attracted to.
I'm trying to remain optimistic because I do know down the line I will eventually meet someone but as it's been 10 months with just one date I'm starting to despair as how long this dry spell will last.
I'm not dying to be in a relationship or looking for someone to complete me, I'm trying to be happy on my own but I'm becoming incredibly envious of couples and people that have dates to look forward to.
Does anyone have any advice to make this easier?


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  • You need to stop looking because when you're looking for something you can never find it! I think you should relax, 10 months is not long at all and as you said you're not dying to be in a relationship so just enjoy being a bachelor ;) and who knows maybe girls will come running your way.

    Please answer mine?

    • Hi thanks for the advice, I've answered you question hope it I helped.

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  • 10 months is not a long time, I can relate I find it hard to meet people I'm interested in and when I do they are usually taken. Lol. Singleness is a good time for self growth and reflection. Don't despair you will meet someone when you least expect it

  • If you're at the gym a lot, maybe take a class that more girls would be drawn to like yoga or Zumba. It may sound funny to you, but lots of girls take those classes (that is, if you want to meet someone at the gym).

    • Wow y'know I didn't think of that thank you :) I'll try both although can't dance to save my life so Zumba will be funny!

    • It'll get you a lot of attention, that's for sure. But only if you feel comfortable taking those classes. Don't do anything that's too out of your comfort zone just to attract a girl.

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  • Single for 10 months? lol Get fucked and quit whining, dude. And "get fucked" doesn't mean to have sex, by the way.