HAS ANYONE ever dated someone in the NBA OR NFL?

I'm currently talking ( nothing sexual) to someone that plays a progressional sport. and we both like each other. Real nice guy. I'm not the type that like being in the spotlight relationship.. but I am in the spotlight sometimes because of my parents being highly known.

This guy is really cool.. just that the last time we went for lunch we decided to sit outside on the patio at the cafe and everyone was looking at us because the guy is well known in his city..
Even when we were leaving the cafe people continued to stare.. I just remained normal and cool. lol

has anyone ever had this situation or similar?
Did it get annoying after awhile?


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  • I have a couple friends in the NFL, one is a very close friend and ex-roommate, although he plays in the CFL now. I can't speak on what its like to date them obviously, but I know their view of it. For the most part, these are just regular guys like anyone else. I've hung out with my friends and their teammates a few times, guys I watch on Sundays, and while I'm a little old to be starstruck, I'd think I would be a little "whoa...I'm hanging out with [xxxx]", who I don't have a prior relationship with before they were famous. But the fact is, a couple of these bros, I couldn't wait to get away, they were annoying or dorky or whatever, just like anyone else.

    But anyway...the reaction of OTHERS is what is different. Fans will be awestruck by them and lose sight of their humanity. One guy I'm cool with from college is a big time NFL player, and people are like " OH SHIT, YOU KNOW HIM?", and its like "yeah, chill out. He's a regular dude like the rest of my friends." It sounds like your parents have some level of fame as well, so there's that too.

    I wouldn't pay any of it much mind. As friends, I treat my boys the way I always did, I just reap a few benefits off of their fame when I visit. If this guy is a good dude, that's all that matters. Just know he's on groupie/golddigger alert like most of my friends are, haha. But if your parents are well known, they probably have money too, right? So that's not your angle and this guy probably knows. You have my blessing, as long as he doesn't play for the New York Jets or LA Lakers, haha.


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  • Be honest if this guy didn't play professional sports would you be interested in him?

    • yes i would. he is a total gentleman and i love his personality :)

    • If he didn't make tons of money would you still be interested in him?

  • No But I think celeb relationships don't last. He'll be off to the next big thing most probably.


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