Guys what was your reaction, when you found out that your girlfriend or wife was wearing a weave?

Just want to see how men, deal with women wearing weave on to day to day basis.

Or should I say Hair extensions for people that do not, it is the same thing.
Excuse me Typo: For the people who do not know what a weave is. Hair extensions is the same thing.


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  • Well it's sorta obvious if it's a black lady. I haven't known any black women to have naturally long hair. If it is long it's usually a liberal, cool black chick with a fro thing going on and it's obvious that it's hers.

    So, no, I wouldn't be surprised at all that they wear weaves.

    • Wow! I am a black creole woman from down south and my hair is long pass my back, but my hair is unqiue it is very curly and wavy like. So I can't say all black women hair that is long is a kinky fro, because my hair is a different texture and people tell me I have that Hispanic hair, whatever that means, but my great great great grandfather was a Spaniard though. An I do have a different grade of hair though, so people look at me in unique way, like they never seen a black woman with that type of textured hair lol. But besides that though, so would it matter to you if you found out that it is a weave and she was bald underneath it?

    • You mean like in a relationship? Yeah I guess it would matter. Hair on a woman means a lot, It's just feminine. I'd rather have a girl with short hair than a girl that's bald.

      For everyday women though I don't care much.

    • Yeah cool! At least you are being honest and a woman with her real hair, shows that she is taking of her body right. Because that is actually true; because hair do fall out if you are stress, doing things to your head that could damaged it, not properly taking care of it, sickness and many other things. It does let you know if the girl is really healthy or not. It is the same way with teeth, like gum diease, because you smoke a lot and many other reasons, to cause your teeth to go bad; just because you are not taking care of yourself correctly.

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  • whats weave

    • Weave and Hair extensions is the same thing.

    • Like false hair attached to someone's else head.