How to catch a guy's eye? (In a good way)

The guy Iike is friends with me and we flirt a lot, but I've noticed he's starting to either get shy or lose interest. How do I get him back?


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  • Look into eyes flirtatiously and seductively, lick your lips, and touch his hand and maintain the touch for about two seconds.

    Always hold seductive gazes into his eyes with some breaks in between. Smile a lot and just keep flirting with him.

    ...then like every girl, break his heart when he asks you out! Haha, I am just kidding. Don't do that! That's really mean.

    • Oh, and if he doesn't ask you out within a week but is still responding flirtatiously, it's possible that he may just be shy or simply not have the balls to do so (studies show that men these days aren't as brave as they were before in initiating things and it is becoming more acceptable for women to also take the lead), so just ask him out and you'll know.

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  • smile at him, touch his arm

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