Going on a date with a person you have no mutual friends with?

So this guy, he lives in the city (sydney) and i live like an hour away from the city.. im 17 he just turned 19

anyway he first followed me on instagram, then added me on fb and we started talking.
he is really really nice! and sweet! and respectful so far.

weve been talking for 3 months now, and i haven't met him.

he asked me out on a date twice maybe 3 times? but i couldnt make it, im always busy with school stuff and he's also busy with uni stuff so yeah :/

anyway, i said i felt bad and that i will make it up to him this Friday night. he said he's got something planned, im guessing maybe dinner and he's taking me to this look out somewhere. lol.

but the thing is, we barely talk!! like lets say once a week, he's very busy and so am i! im not really always on my phone as well and yeah.

and oh, one time he did say he was gonna drive up to my place and do something but I don't know what happened, he got busy.. and i believe him bcause he would always make statuses about work and his uni assignments and stuff..

he also said, "if you think its too late for you to get home and catch the train home, you can stay at my place if you would like and if you want to :) im not gonna force you" i thought it was nice of him to offer that, and where i live is also actually dangerous, id have to walk from the train station to my place which will take almost 30 min plus its very dark and its near the bushes haha..

anyway, do you think i should go on this date? is it dangerous? would you?

i also want to go, because i love the city! and i wanna get away from my area for a while.. everything is just getting into me lately and yeah, i just wanna go out and have fun and meet someone new.
( I've been battling depression and on medication)


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  • Go on the date but make sure it's a public place. Find out ahead of time what you guys are going to be doing

    Tell someone where you're going and cheick in eith that person every once in awhile

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