Does it sound like he really does love me?

Sometimes when my bf and i are around his friends and his friends gf he will sometimes act like a jerk or won't talk to me as much. We got in a fight couple nights ago as I was drunk. We were arguing about something and I hit him which I didn't mean to and i am not normally a abusive person. I felt bad and told him sorry right after. He got in my face telling me to go sleep downstairs Cuz he didn't want to be with me. So i did and I live with him so I'm surprised he didn't kick me out. We'll we took are relationship after little to fast for the fact I moved in with him after dating for only 2 months. He is the one that asked me so it wasn't my idea. We have been dating for or 9 months but seems longer and almost feel like we're a married couple. He's not as loving as he use to be when we first started dating and we tend to fight quite a bit as I have trust issues. He gets mad and said I need to start trusting him because it pisses him off when I dont. Which I'm trying to. But he can be a flirt and thay annoys me. I've had problems with guys in the past and I annoys trying to overcome it. I'm just worried he will cheat on me. He says I need to quit thinking that because it will never happen and also said he doesn't flirt I just think he is because I don't trust him. He gets hard ons easily which is another thing that worries me because I feel like he's not annoys ms attracted to me. I'm also an insecure person. I wanna over come the trust issues and insecurities because it's ruining myself and our relationship. He tells me he loves me an wants to be with me but sometimes he doesn't act like it. His sister in law, mom and brother have all told me they can see he is happier with me then his ex gf. Who he dated for 3 years but she cheated on him and he broke up with her because he didn't love her anymkre. It sometimes goes through my head that he is just with me to get sex whenever. Does it sound like he really does love me and wanna be with me?


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  • yeah it does sound like that

    • and also, if his ex cheated on is unlikely that he wouldcheat on you as he knows how hurt the person feels when someone cheats on them..and if he asked you to move in then he must be serious enough and invloved in ur relationship that he asked to take such a big step..and well couples fight so its no big deal but what he's saying is true/ u have to start trusting him..give him the benefit of doubt in situations cause if he is constantly saying to you that he won't cheat on you and u should trust him enough and that he only wants only means that he loves you and only u are the one who is destroying the relationship..u have to give him space and start trusting him or u'lll lose him..hope it works out for you :)

  • Oy vey. I think you both need to take a step back and work on your issues alone and together. Maybe that means one of you go and stay with a family member or friend for a bit. If you're serious about the relationship, therapy is also never a bad idea.

    This is what happens when you put a relationship on the fast track before learning about each other and finding out what bothers you about the other...