how can i be the best girlfriend ever?

pretty self explanatory lol i wanna be the best girlfriend ever and i want guys input


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  • 1) listen to him
    2) do things he likes
    3) stop doing things he doesn't like
    4) talk about things you can do to improve the relationship
    5) learn more about his favorite things
    6) get in good with his friends and family
    7) read 'men are from mars women are from Venus'
    8) cook dinner for him
    9) buy him something (can be small)
    10) don't do any of these annoyingly

    And at last, don't cheat on him or give him any reason not to trust you.Every once in awhile do things to show you care. Be there when you need him. Dont be that girl that is always yelling or picking fights with your bf. Have a problem always go to him first and don't always assume things. Respect him and this space he is a guy he is gonna need guy time :)


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