What are some great first date ideas?

I would love to hear from the ladies what you look for in a first date and from the guys on what worked well for you.


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  • I like simple stuff, nothing fancy. Here are some ideas (things I like for a date)
    Driving to a nearby beach, going boating, fishing, bonfire, mini golf, swimming, bowling, anything fun.

    More advanced:

    Late night fishing, camping, campfire, hanging out on a beach ( if you live by one), driving out to the middle of nowhere and just talking about life & cuddling, counting stars, netflix party,


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  • For me since is the first date, it depends on how long I have known the guy. But the last time I was on a first date what I most remember about it, is the guy being funny and honest with me, he smiled all the time which made me feel comfortable. He also kissed my hand and hugged me, and that allowed me to see he liked me, so there was no need for him to ask me or for me to ask him, we both knew we liked each other without actually saying it. So in conclusion I say is more about talking and have a great conversation to get to know the other person and a sweet kiss on the cheek and a hug won't hurt. :)

  • Any kind of activity

    Walk in the park
    Mini golf
    A play


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