She won't kiss me anymore, because she is afraid things will go to far, what can I do?

Im a guy, we are both 18, and we would kiss a lot in the car, and one day while we were making out, I was in the moment, and i slowly went down until I got to her boobs and then, I started to touch threw her clothes down there, and she told me she was not uncomfortable, but she is scared that it will go to far, and that we will have sex. We are both Virgins. And now she doesn't want me to kiss/touch her because she doesn't want things to go to far. I know she wants to kiss, but she is scared. And I don't know what to do, cuz i haven't kissed her since April 29th.


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  • Just take it slow dude. She isn't saying that she doesn't want you. What she said is that she didn't want to go too far.

    Talk with her and let her know that you will not go further than what she feels comfortable with.

    Problem solved.

  • The question is, do you want to have sex with her?


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