How is the best way to respond to this message?

I met this guy last year and had an instant connection with him. The only problem was he is from the UK, I'm from the US. The distance was a problem because all we did was message/Skype each other so we quit communicating for awhile.

Well, fast forward to now. He messaged me this week and says he is moving to the states through his job. I'm so happy about this, but I honestly don't know how to respond because before we stopped communicating I told him how I felt about him. I never heard back until now so I figured he didn't feel the same. Now I get this message and I'm wondering why six months later he decides to me this. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to respond because I am happy but I don't want to get hurt again.


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  • He may not have responded because he figured it would never go anywhere while he was overseas. I could see myself doing that.

    Now that he's closer, he figures it might work.

    I would give this guy a chance.


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  • I wouldn't worry to much on how to respond just be you and express what you wanna express. You can just say how great that is and ask where he going to be in the states and just see how the conversation happens if you need to bring up your feelings then do so. But always just feel all your options out. Go into it as it prob nothing and if anything happens take it day by day.