Does he like me or is he playing hard to get?

I know it sounds so backwards lol but this I guy I met in my school, I'm in college. He started flirting with me a little bit, I thought he was cute so I started making moves also. We talked and as I got to know him I find out he's a late bloomer, he's still a virgin, had his first girlfriend like 3 months ago but it only lasted 6 days.. I'm a late bloomer myself, still a virgin didn't have my 1st BF and kiss till 18. Anyways he teases me one moment acting like he doesn't like me and then next he's holding my hands, hugging me, moving the hair from out of my eyes. He calls me bae, but it's like I wish he wouldn't joke around so much. He asked me to the movies also. Why is he acting so immature?


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  • Me too if am in a bad day i don't flirt. If am in a good mood i will do all good things


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