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Male co-worker at a temporary assignment (military) is very flirtatious with me. I ignored it because i felt he was out of my league. Then, he persists and touches my arm...very kind...says hello, always smiling etc. I approach him through an email (didn't have his number) and he never responds. Sorry but why the flirting then? Very confused. By the way, female and pretty attractive. .confident but he was exceptionally handsome hence my fear of rejection


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  • Yeah, who knows what happened with your email. Maybe he just didn't get it in his inbox and ended in his spam.
    Maybe he gets so many mail notifications that he missed your email.
    I had my Facebook notifications sended to my mail in the begining. I had as much as hundreds of them. (until i turned notifications off). What i'm saying is you shouldn't take it in such a negative way. Something else might have happened, or he didn't have the time to answer and forgot about it, or he was too tired, or the mail simply didn't require answering, or he thought it would be better to answer it in person.

    I'd say you shouldn't panic.

    did you confess your feelings to him in that email?
    Have you two met after you've sended the email? if yes, was his behavior any different towards you? ( avoiding, keeping it short )

    • not panicking. .just trying to avoid being an idiot again if i misinterpret signs. Secondly. .since we've both gone back to our regular assignments. .i do not see him. Nor do i seek him out..dont want to weird him out. And i was very "hey, if you want to go out some time..let me know" non chalant in the email.

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    • I know he read the email...had a read receipt. Have not approached him. ..

    • I'm sorry to hear that! I guess it's better to leave him alone and try and forget. Easier said than done, but look at it. He didn't even answer your email and avoided you instead. Not the kind of person to want to be around. He is LOW class in my opinion.

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  • I think you tell him you'd like to talk to him but away from work, maybe over a drink, your treat. Make it a no pressure situation. If he bites, then tell him you're a little confused: you feel like he's being quite flirtatious but didn't respond to your email, that you'd just like him to declare where he's coming from. That if he's interested, so are you so lets get this show on the road. If not, ask him to stop flirting and just be polite and civil. Then shut up and wait for his answer, no matter how long it takes. Just sit there with an expectant look on your face and wait patiently. How does that sound?

  • maybe the email went to spam or he hasn't read it. if you see him in person relatively often you should just approach him in person

    sounds to me like he was being flirtatious

  • 1 - you don't know he got the email.
    2 - flirting is mostly harmless. Especially when it never gets beyond Hello and a smile. If he was flirting in the way he was joking around with you, making jokes and innuendo about the two of you getting it on, then maybe you could say he was not doing "harmless" flirting. But smiling and hello? That's hardly a subtle declaration of intent.

    • Fair enough...but what about repeated occurrences after we spent 6 months around eachother? Im not hurt...just confused so i don't misinterpret the next time

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    • Gotcha. The touching thing just caught me off guard. Maybe i should elaborate: in a room full of people he specifically sought me out to greet and touch. Make more sense why im confused?

    • I already know why you're confused. You thought all flirting was the same, apparently. It isn't,

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