I made my girlfriend really mad...what can I do?

I used another Facebook account and accused my girlfriend of blocking my account, and I told her I did this, she told me that I had trust issues and that I might as well take the stuff I've given her back, and she was also shocked that I would do something like this to her, and is also upset I would start a fight over facebook, this was all through text...I really wan to make it up to her and show her that this was a huge mistake on my part, what can I do?

I was planning on doing this anyway, but I have gone to each of the places we've gone to and collected something from each place and I'm going to make a booklet of each place we've been to and make comments on it...I also ordered in some unique coloured roses...this was all planned before I stuffed up...

I'm going to admit I was wrong, should not have done what I did, and should not have stooped to that level...this is the least I will do, I will also write a letter of apology as well...,


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  • Give her some space to cool down, then apologise. Maybe put off giving her your little booklet just yet because she might think you're doing it just because you were wrong in doing what you did and you're trying to make up for it. Wait a little while before you give it to her.

    • I already did it...too late... haha, well she wouldn't see me... I just gave it to her sister. I'm just going to see this as over and leave her be. I just want her to be happy :)

    • That's best for now. She might be really touched and want to see you still. But...that's only a maybe. So if you just get on with your life, and she doesn't come back you won't have wasted time pining over her. But if she does decide to give you a second chance then you'll be pleasantly surprised. :-) Best of luck!

    • Thank you, I don't expect her to come back for me...I just wish she knew how sorry I was, it's really hard...I can't take back what I did to hurt her. I hope whoever she ends up with will treat her with more respect, understanding, and love than I ever could.

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  • good luck to get back with her...if she ever wants you back

    • Based on your answer, it's too late right?

    • not too late but it will be difficult!

    • Yeah, for sure, I would feel the same as her too if she did the same to me.

  • Break up. You have trust issues, clearly. And she blocked you off of Facebook for what reason exactly? Both of you are wrong and both of you need to break off for good.

  • Everybody makes mistakes. What you have planned is very sweet. It's insulting to anyone who is accused on being sneaky when in reality they did nothing wrong. I would forgive, but that's just me...

    • Yeah, that's what I plan on doing, I'm going to see her today, not in an attempt to win her back, because I don't deserve that. I just want to show her the respect she deserves, apologize in person and give her what I wanted to give her, thats it.

    • Good luck!

    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate that.

  • Why did you do this in the first place? Paranoia? You have reason to believe she was not trustworthy?

    • Because I have evidence she did it..I confronted her about it...

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    • Guys think in.black and white mostly. I sort of resent my exes male friends because i was trying to make up for somethin i did awhile back and he left me for an overweight jobless insecure woman. ..let your girlfriend explain herself. ..give her the benefit of the doubt. Then you have to put on your big boy pants and make a decision based on YOUR instincts. After all, we are outsiders. you're the one who knows the nitty gritty

    • I'm going to apologize to her in person, I'm not going to ask for forgiveness, I am seeing a therapist about my trust issues and I have deleted facebook. If by some miracle she does give me another chance...I will definitely not do this again. If she does indeed want to explain herself, I am more than happy to listen, but that's asking for a bit much in my opinion.

  • Apologize and show her you will change


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  • Dood. You really have to reexamine your choices in life. There's so much wrong, I don't know where to begin.

    You need to start acting like a man, you meet her in person and apologize. Say to her "I realize I've made mistakes, and I'm going to take steps to change. I know I may have damaged the relationship beyond repair, but I will wait for you to contact me if you want to work on it"

    Then you work on your issues.

    • It's been 3 days since it happened I have not contacted her nor has she contacted me. The reason I confronted her is because I know for a fact she blocked me, I have concrete evidence. I told her that too. I don't even care about it anymore, I just want to get through this...and show her how sorry I am...

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    • Deleting facbook is good. I would suggest you find a professional to talk to about your trust issues and insecurity.

    • The thing is, we have been together for basically a year now, and this is the first time I have ever done this, and the only reason I did this was because the facts were right in my face...but I understand now how pathetic it is to actually start a fight over something like facebook.

  • Just chill and let her relax herself and apologize to her and move on and make the best of your relationship.

  • Friend, I strongly suggest that you carefully reconsider the big picture here.

    In utter fairness, you have every right to be suspicious and upset with her, especially if she has mislead you in the past. That's right. Every right.

    She deceived you and did the very thing that she said she would not. And, to make matters worse, she attempted to hide it from you.

    And if, in fact, she blocked you from seeing her Facebook activity, knowingly, then conventional wisdom leads one to believe that her activity was inappropriate and detrimental. Regardless of her actual activity on Facebook, whether right or wrong, she lied to you.

    Why then would you pursue her forgiveness? She blocked you, her boyfriend, which is the cause. Consequently, you created a fake account to uncover the truth, which is the effect.

    By the way, snooping on your partner does not only result from one's irrational fears or being insecure in a relationship. It can also result from one's intuition.

    In any event, I suggest that you attempt to talk to her and explain fully why you did what you did and how her past and recent deception influenced your behavior. But you have been warned, there likely be much tension and feelings of resentment during.

    I mean, is there a diplomatic way of telling someone that they are full of themselves?

    Nevertheless, after the situation is resolved, and if you feel an apology is warranted, give it to her.

    Afterwards, I advise you to hit the ground running from this girl. She is not to be trusted. And you... well, you need to resolve your underlying issues, like now. Being in a relationship with this girl isn't the ideal for you, in my opinion.

    • I'm going to apologize and that's it, if she does decide to give me a chance, I will definitely not do this again, I'm going to see her today not for her to take me back, but to apologize to her in person.

    • It's your choice. You do what you feel is best.

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