Do some girls have a bf just because they don't want to be alone?

I remember back when I worked at a company that had 150 employees and I swear their was only like 3 single girls in the building. Sometimes I wonder if girls just hang on to a bf cause they aren't really happy, but would rather be a little unhappy then completely alone. I talk to girls all the time and then find out they have a bf and I'm like their is no way all these girls are happy in their relationships. How am I supposed to find a gf if girls always have a bf?


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  • I've always been single (and I'm 24) and now I really want to be with someone. I feel kind of unwanted sometimes, and less attractive. I do wonder if I would stay with someone just so I wouldn't be alone. But then, I know that I know better. I've been alone this long, I could do it again for some more time if it meant finding a quality partner. Also, some guys like me, but I always push away anyone who does especially if I can tell they aren't a good fit for me. Flirting and stuff is cool, but I'm not going to just jump at the chance to be in a relationship with anyone. Its not worth the drama or effort if it isn't a good fit.

    But yes, some women and some men do this.

    But maybe the people in your company are just all into their partners lol
    Some women are serial daters. I have friends like that. Being alone is uncomfortable for them.


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  • Yes. Some people (not just girls) are in relationships because they're lonely, or the relationship is convenient or offers comfort.

    There are plenty of single ladies out there though.

    • They never seem to be the ones I run into:( I think it's just difficult for a girl to give her number out to a stranger. I guess I need to work on making them feel more comfortable about it.

    • Yep it's definitely easier to ask someone out when you have already established a sort of friendship.

  • some do and some don't

  • Yes. There's definitely truth to that and I've been guilty of it myself


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  • You reminded me of this girl I talk to.

    Every time the subject of relationships come up, she always says she doesn't expect to be in relationship, and would rather be single, cause relationships are complicated.

    Yet, she not only "accidentally" found herself in one, she recently broke up with a guy about 2 weeks ago and started dating again.

    Like, she makes it sound like she's this independent person who isn't afraid to be alone. Yet she desperately clings and jumps from person to person. I doubt she actually knows what real loneliness is.

    Her words and her actions do not match.

  • "How am I supposed to find a gf if girls always have a bf?"

    I know, right! I find it pretty daunting. Every girl I'm interested in either has a boyfriend or is engaged. It sucks.