How to know if a girl unexpectedly changed her mind about me?

I wrote 'unexpectedly' because she refused me a half year ago, with indirect way: I dont need anybody, Im well alone right now, etc.
I left her alone, she recently wrote where will I go to party, etc. Or will I visit this place more often, because I wasn't there last time.
If those signals keep continue, I would just ask her 'look, your behaving ambiguosly, I may misunderstand it, but did anything change inside you? Because I didn't forget what I did for you, and would still do that again' and Im scared she will reply 'but we had discussed that already...' and that would be embrassing, even might ruin the normal friendship


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  • be straightforward,,, then you will definitely know if you are wasting your time or not

    • I guess she won't tell me even if she changed her mind, will she?

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    • thanks for MH even if it was the only opinion

    • np. I heard it happening many times and the woman didn't dare to tell to the boy that she changer her mind.

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