I so messed up what should I do?

So my bf and I have a really good relationship. We have a lot of trust and are taking our relationship very well. We have been dating for about 9 months. Well. I am really bad about remembering things and now it has come back and bit me in the butt. Well we had decided to not go the prom and decided like three weeks before it to not go. Well the last week I have been kind of out of it and he was talking to me and I said ok and yes to all plans and totally spaced out on what he had said. Well in the end my dad asked if I had plans on Saturday and I said I sis not. So he bought tickets to a rodeo. Well before this my bf mad reservations to a nice restaurant that I had said yes to but forgot about. So I told my bf on Wednesday that I was so excited to go to the rodeo on Saturday. Well he said, “That’s so cool but I thought we were going to go to dinner and have our own prom that night?” Well I had forgot about it and never asked my parents so I have to go to the rodeo. So in the end my bf and upset because every time we have something that needs planning that is between him and I always forget about it. So he is not frustrated and hurt because I seem like I don’t value and want to do things with him and I always forget important things with him. Ugh! How do I make this better? I really messed up! I feel like such a bad girlfriend.


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  • Apologize sincerely. That's all you can do if you honestly forgot. I'm sure he'll understand.

    Make a point not to repeat this same scenario in the future. That way you two can both move on from what happened with your prom, and not have to go through this type of situation again.

    • I have apologized sincerely and I honestly forgot but he does forgive me but it is still electing him. I hate seeing him this way and I feel like I can not fix this. I hope we can move on.

    • yeah, you'll be fine. Just give it time

    • He seemed better today. I got him to smile. I might also be able to skip the rodeo and go out to dinner with him anyways now.

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  • i think you should promise him that you are going to make an effort going forward. tell him that your just absent minded and it bares nothing on how you feel about him

    then you need to start putting things in a calendar. either by an organizer or use your cell phone calendar but you should try and write things down. tell your bf how you plan to improve

    but I don't think he'll be angry long term I think he just feels undervalued right now and probably disappointed because it sounds like he did make an effort to have a special night

    • That is a good idea because it does not effect or change how I feel about him. I do really need to start putting things in a calender. I just have to remember to do it. I have been putting it in calender I just forgot this on. I ultimately feel like a huge jerk and never intended to hurt him I am just am so busy.

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  • It's not being bad it's about having Alzheimer's or Dementia.

    • I dont have either of those I am 18 not 80.

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    • He likes you.

    • Well I know he likes me because we are dating. But I do try to keep things in a planner but I still forget things. I just mostly feel bad.

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