What does my ex want and what is she going to do to me?

I was with my ex-girlfriend for nearly 3 years, and in that time we both broke each others hearts and put one another through hell occasionally, but at the end of the day we were just crazy about one another. Anyway, the last time that we went out I made an incredible mistake and broke up with her and she told that it was the last time and she would never give me another chance, but I didn't listen.

About a month later I realized my mistake and freaked out. I wanted her back and I knew that I needed her back, but like she said she didn't want to be with me. For 3 months I was in the limbo of hanging out with a lot but being just a friend with benefits, until around my birthday when she found out some guy liked her and they ended up getting together and eventually dating. I was absolutely devastated.

I called her a lot at first and begged her back and of course she denied me every time, so eventually I stopped calling her and decided that I had to move on and leave the love of my life behind. It was hard but I did it. Then suddenly after about 2 weeks of not talking she called me and asked how I was doing, this eventually led to her calling me more often, which eventually turned into her telling me things about her relationship, like how unhappy she was with her new boyfriend.

Eventually she told me that when she was with him she thought about me, when she kissed him she wished he kissed the way I did and so fourth. Then all of this turned into her telling me that she still loved me and missed me. I told her that I loved her too still (which I do) and how much I missed her.

So today she broke up with her boyfriend because she didn't like him anymore and then she wanted to video chat with one another while she touched herself and so on and I watched.

She said that this Tuesday she wants to go out to dinner and maybe have sex afterwards. I can't wait to see her again. But the thing is that she is very flaky when it comes to hanging out. We have said that we were going to hang out 4 times already this summer, and every time she has canceled or something has come up.

Why doe she keep canceling times that we are going to hang out? And what does she want out of this relationship now? She said that she doesn't think we will get back together but she wants to see how things go Tuesday and so on, and see what can happen then.

I love this girl more than anything else in this world. What can I do to help my chances and keep her in my life instead of letting her slip away again?

I know this is very long and I appreciate everyone reading this. So basically I have 3 questions:

Why does she always cancel our dates to hang out?

What does she want out of this relationship now?

What can I do to really impress her and keep her in my life?

Thanks to all.

I drove to her house tonight to drop flowers off at her doorstep, and her ex-boyfriends car was in the drive way around midnight. I wanted to break down the door and drag him out. After seeing that I feel like I'm going to die now. I don't know what to do


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  • Honestly I think that he might be still dating her boyfriend that's why he keeps on cancelling your date..because if she really prioritizes you and really wants to be with you then she will cancel whatever it is just to be with you..I have a boyfriend and no matter how important meeting or whatever I have..i really look forward on seeing him and I can cancel anything if I have to be with him..

    what she wants?hate to break the ice but she might just be using you or something..like a rebound guy because she is NOT HAPPY with her boyfriend..OR she really loves you..and just had a new boyfriend so that you'll realize your mistakes..

    the thing is..she missed you that's why she started calling again..maybe she really can't let go of you because she is used to having YOUR LOVE..but that doesn't mean she still loves you..it might just mean that she doesn't want to lose you..

    If you really want to impress her then act mature..ask her what she really wants..and who she really loves..try to prove to her that if she chooses you..that you will promise to be a better person..try giving sweet stuffs or whatever..

    Good luck!

  • "What does my ex want and what is she going to do to me?" Some kinky shit.


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  • I think when you broke it off the last time that was her final straw. I had a friend go through this same kind of situation. She wants you to prove your love for her besides just saying it. In my buddy's situation he went to her school and wrote on her car window "I still love you" in the snow. Obviously since it's summer this wouldn't work (depending where you are), but do something to show her you care deeply for her and your not just saying it with words or sex. So now I'll get to your questions.

    1 I think she feels that if she commits to the relationship again you may just break her heart again and she doesn't want to go through that so she makes plans with you and then reconsiders the situation.

    2 She wants a sign of your affection. It doesn't have to be a ring or anything just refer to the paragraph above answer 1.

    3 You don't have to impress her, just show that you are extremely positive about the two of you being together is what you want.

    Hope everything works out for you.

    Oh, and one more thing, if your going to follow the advice I gave you and you do some gesture, ie roses on her desk at work or school or doorstep, leave a card with it spelling out your feelings and don't be around when she finds this gesture. Let her call you. Hope I helped.

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