Do girls hate being questioned?

When ever I ask this girl any question, she flips out and types "Stop asking questions".

I asked her why her status is whatsapp was so serious.

Her: 😤stop asking questions!
Me: Ok ok cool cool.
Me: Hey, me texting you every day. Is it irritating you in anyway?
Her: nooio
Me: Oh thanks 😀 ur the best. Why u never text me?

When ever I ask her some question like the last one she just doesn't reply.

Am I doing something wrong? Any advice?

Note: I love this girl, n she knows it. She likes me but don't know if she loves me or whether I'm friend zoned :(


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  • Don't ask too many questions and don't try so hard to talk to her. Even if she likes you she will get annoyed and friendzone you (if you're lucky) immediately. It doesn't sound like she's into you honestly... Cut it down and let yourself be desired too. You already showed he's that you like her, but a guy that only shows that part if him to a girl is never attractive. She needs to know you as a person, not as her stalker.

    • Thanks do I need to apologise to her or anything for asking all those questions?

      I don't ask her a lot of questions these days because she has blocked me once, I don't want her to block me again.

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    • Hood luck!

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  • Yes so stop asking

    • I'm the one who normally starts the conversation. And it's happening from some time now. And that creates doubts in my mind. So I ask her if I'm irritating her or if I should stop texting. I've heard that if a girl likes the guy she would text too, am I wrong?

  • It's because you sound clingy. But it's not that bad. I don't mind being asked questions very much.

  • That would annoy the hell outta me. Knock it off.

    • I ask about her because I care. And if I ignore her, and stop asking questions won't she feel bad? Since I'm the one who starts the conversation I start it with a question.

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  • Too many questions are bad. Tone it down.

    • Any tips buddy, I want to know what's in her heart. And she's an intelligent kind. Makes things very very difficult. I don't have a clue if I'm just a friend or if she loves

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