Ladies How have guys asked you to be their girlfriend or showed you, how did your relationship start?

Ladies im knoew at this and never really had a girlfriend before but there's this girl that has caught my eye and i have already established a flirtation ship ship with her calling her my wife and bae and stuff she called hubby once in a text but i don't know how to make us official do i just flat out ask her if she likes me, but won't she feel pressured and say no? and guys how have you gone about asking a girl out


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  • My last boyfriend was extremely direct. It was refreshing. :)

    Him asking me out: "When are you free this weekend? ... Alright, after you get off work on Friday would you like to go on a date with me?"

    Us becoming official: "I think we should have The Talk." "Alright." "So what do you think?" "I think we can go official." "Ok." "That was easy."

    • interesting i kinda asked this girl Monday if she was free this week she said not really yet. and i asked her out to get ice cream she said okay but i haven't heard from yet ;/

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  • My last boyfriend texted me at night asking me out. I had gone to sleep though and when I was in the next day all my friends were saying he'd asked me out and I had left my phone at home so couldn't check. He asked me in the locker rooms though and I said yes. Shame that it all went downhill from there though haha! When we broke up we were on a walk together and he walked like a metre ahead of me the whole way home! Unnecessary!


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