Guy who keeps in touch after dating?

I dated this guy for a couple months. We were really into each other, but it didn't really go anywhere. We haven't gone out in a month or so, but the thing is he still keeps in touch. As in he texts and calls on an almost daily basis. I don't mind because I like him and have no expectations, but it's starting to bother me that I have no idea what's going on. Why does he keep talking to me when he's not showing any indication that he wants to take things any further? Are we just friends at this point (even if he is still flirty)? And from a man's perspective, is he just trying to figure things out or is he just keeping me around?

Hoping for some clarity...


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  • I can imagine he would want to text if he genuinely just cares for you as a friend and finds his life is better for having you in it.

    My bf and I broke up because he wanted to be friends, he wanted to continue meeting up and texting but I didn't because I care for him differently.


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  • To be honest... most of the girls I have dated have kind of stayed as friends to varying degrees. Some I still speak to, others will call me when they need advice or when life sucks. It may just be he is one of the good guys


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