What do you think? Why doesn't he introduce me to his mom?

I met this guy who works at a bookstore a week and a half ago and since then we've talked almost every day, seen each other most days and hung out three times to just chill and watch movies. He's yet to take me out on an official date but he says he wants to. We haven't kissed or anything and I told him I won't until he actually takes me on a date.

Anyway, he's met my family because he's come over to my house a few times, but he's yet to introduce me to his mother when she and I are both in the bookstore (where he works) at the same time? And there's been multiple opportunities where he could just casually introduce us. I feel like this is weird!

He says he really likes me, calls me pretty and says he enjoys spending time together but this worries me. Does this mean he just sees me as a potential hookup and he doesn't want to introduce me to family members?


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  • maybe he's never dated and his mum treats him like a baby. I know how that feels!


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