What to do with the ex who came back?

I've been single for a couple of months now. My ex decided to end it, because our schedules just could never match, and we weren't able to see one another that often. To which I understood, and we ended things on a good note.
As of around 2 weeks ago. I met a new girl, and we've been on a couple of dates. Everything was going fine. Until my ex decided to show up one late Saturday night to "hook up", and I thought nothing of it after she left. Well, now she's telling me that she loves me, and that she only wants to just have sex on occasion.
Overall, I'm fine with that, but I'm not quite sure how to approach the subject. To notify the ex that it's just what she expected originally, and to tell this new girl. That I want to take things slow, and if it gets serious enough to consider being anything more than dates. That I'll tell my ex that we must stop seeing one another.


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  • i wouldn't see two girls at the same time. one of them is bound to find out and get jealous.

    • I'm not really dating the ex. More like she comes over wanting to hook-up, and keeps continuing the love dream. Even though I've told her repeatedly that she broke up with me, and needs to stop with that thinking.

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