So...does he think of me as his girlfriend?

My man friend called a female friend who was storing stuff in his basement and told her she needed to get her stuff. We had plans to hang out that night and when I arrived at his house, she was still there. He told me later that his roommate questioned what he was doing by asking, "do you think it's a good idea to have your girlfriend and this other girl here at the same time?" He had not referred to me as "girlfriend" at this point and we haven't had any discussion about such titles. So was that just a roundabout way of telling me he considers me his girlfriend or was he just relaying information about the conversation with his roommate?


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  • You're the GF - he decided awhile back - hey, does he have to make it formal or even tell you? Sigh, that's how we are, sorry. It's also a way to skirt a formal rejection...

    • Sounds like they aren't even dating bud "My man friend" maybe fuckbuddies but maybe not even that.

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    • Ah, okay. I guess I don't see why he would think I'd reject him...pretty twitterpated over here, and I feel like I'm extremely obvious about it. Hmm, but maybe not. You've given me some more to think about. Thank you!

    • Why? Why not? Do we ever know the entire history of another? Rejections comes in many forms & not easily forgotten.

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  • You know he wasn't referring to the other girl? His friend may have meant it as a joke because you two hang out a lot or because he likes you. He obviously told you to see if you were into him. If he sees you as a girlfriend and you aren't dating or anything thats kinda weird.

    • We've been dating, but no talk of titles so it seemed random to just call me his girlfriend. Yeah, he was referring to me as the gf...but because we hadn't talked about it, I wasn't sure. Thanks for your input! :)

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    • His roomie calls me his girlfriend in front of us too now, like to people he's talking to on the phone and such. Yeah, I'm pretty awkward about it myself. I just stood there like, uhh, what? Anywho, thanks for your help! :)

    • Better get used to it ;) haha np have a good one

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