No real common interests with a guy I'm dating and x wants me back?

So I used to be in a relationship with this cool hipster guy who was into graphic/web design like myself and also worked on cars. Best connection in night life, music you name in. But he didn't treat me right so I ended things after I found out he cheated.

This new guy is totally opposite. They are both hot in different ways. This new guy is more masculine, taller, and is in the military and enjoys going to the beach. He treats me like a queen and is always pampering me/spoiling me. We have fun together but I bend over backwards as I'm not into water sports and I do stuff like that with him. He's really outdoorsy and I'm more of a lounge around in a cute bikini and do nothing but drink. And I like to go to art events and party. When ever I show him work I do he has nothing to say, but I always ask him stuff about his work...

I'm not used to this. Is this guy more a friend? I'm gettin really confused especially since my ex contacted me this morning and told me how cool my graphics look on this website he knows I work for and saying he misses me, wants to fix things :s


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  • Don't go back to the cheating ex. Just don't. No matter how similar you guys are in terms of interests...doesn't change the fact that he's a cheater. Those people cannot change, imo.

    • If you don't feel that comfy with the new guy, then maybe you should stop... It sounds like neither guy is the right fit for you.

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