I think my boyfriend is going to kiss me but he is too shy to do it...?

I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is planning to kiss me. I've kissed him on the cheek before, which was the first move. He told his friend that he was gonna do it. His friend told my friend who told me. Get it? The problem is...I'm not sure if he's gonna kiss me on the lips or on the cheek...and I don't know when he's planning on doing it. What should I do? I'll drive myself crazy thinking he's going to do something and then he ends up not doing anything.

Actually...I found out that he was planning on doing it during lunch on the last day of school and then they cancelled going outside so he couldn't...but even if he had been able to he probably wouldn't have...put his ARM around me though :(


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  • Interesting how a guy is your boyfriend andu haven't even kissed! :-P

    • Yeah well he asked me out and I said yes...is it pathetic I haven't had my first kiss yet...ugh.

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    • No, but I dont need to. Its not like Im gonna spend the rest of my life with him but I want him to kiss me.

    • How cute... dammit he needs to kiss you! 8-)

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  • It all depends on just what level of shyness he is. If he is shy, then he might just chicken out. If he is just kind of awkward, then on the cheek. But if he is just a tiny bit shy, then it will likely be on the lips.

    • He isn't shy at all around other people...only teachers and me...

    • That's because he likes you... a lot. He is just too nervous to do it! To be honest, it's kind of lame that he made a plan. It should be in the moment!

    • Yeah... that's exactly what my friend said. Ugh. Wish he wasn't so nervous...

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  • Just kiss him;)

    • Haha. If I had the guts. I have more than him but not that much...

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    • By answering/ asking questions mostly. Just participating in stuff
      I don't really know all the stuff to do besides that

    • Ok. Thanks. That will help.